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1980 ...

The Jayhawks were founded in the early 80's as 'Jayhawks University Ice Hockey Team Leuven (Belgium)' by a number of students, looking for another sport than football.

The universitary team became quickly a sportly pass-time for local and foreign students but the team never came further than the weekly practices (only during the hockey months) and about two games a year.

2000 ...

Throughout the years a fixed core of senior recreation ice hockey players was formed, changing course and changing the name into 'Jayhawks Ice Hockey Leuven'.

Apart from the weekly practices (all year long) we actually play much more games and participate in tournaments, both national and international, and with changing success ... but sportivity, friendship, respect and above all having lots of fun - this still comes first of all!

Known for their slow start, the Jayhawks are getting stronger and stronger towards the end of the game and then finally they're ready to crush the opponents in the fourth period! This means : while drinking at the bar ... ;-)

Try-out possibilities for new players

Art. 3.1 New players (non-members) are admitted for a Try-Out during a normal practice, but exclusively after consulting with and a positive answer from the Jayhawks Board - and always at own risk.

Art. 3.2 The contribution for this Try-Out is set to 20,00 euro for the use of the infrastructure (ice rink, dressing rooms, showers, ...) and needs to be paid "cash" to the treasurer before the start of the Try-Out. Eventual rental of ice hockey equipment is NOT included in this contribution (see also Art. 6).

Art. 3.3 If after the Try-Out a new player wishes to become member of Jayhawks, then this is only possible after a positive evaluation by the Jayhawks core players. Here is examined if the candidate player is compatible with the Jayhawks group : both concerning his (her) sportly (ice hockey) qualities and general social behaviour.

Art. 3.4 There's no refund if a player leaves the ice earlier than planned (for whatever reason).

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Contact Information

Legal Status Actual Association

Overstraat 12A
B-3020 Veltem

Phone & Fax +32 (0) 495 41 10 59
Mail Jayhawks Board
Bank Identification KBC Bank Account No. : 733-0163609-97
IBAN : BE54 7330 1636 0997
Chairman & Games Manager Han Soemantri
gsm : +32 (0) 473 52 37 60
Secretary & Referees Manager Chris Deweerdt
gsm : +32 (0) 495 41 10 59
Training & Coaching Staff

Nico Kemps / Tom Dillaerts


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